More crafting ‘help’

Pattern drafting is one of my least favourite parts of dressmaking (I am so glad that the major project I’m currently working on uses print-at-home, even if I did have to scale it from a 300×300 .jpg).

My ‘assistant’ has different feelings about it, however

craft_help2  craft_help

she also enjoys chasing around toiles, hiding under my dress form, lace, and organza (more than me, most days).



Why I don’t participate in April Fool’s day

So it’s nearly April again, which means we’ve got another April Fool’s day coming up to endure/enjoy. There are some very well done ones out there, mainly those done in the spirit of confusion/fun without any malicious intent (xkcd‘s Umlat comes to mind).

However, the last few years I’ve become increasingly fed up with the way *some* people treat the day; as an excuse to be mean/cruel/inappropriate and then turn on anyone who gets offended and denigrate them for ‘not getting the joke’ (thereby avoiding having to think about the problematic nature of their humour). Alternatively, there are the ones that are really obvious, but which the perpetrator thinks are *so clever* and get unbearably smug about (the ones that work too well aren’t great either).

This is why I just stay out of the whole thing, while resisting any attempts to allow myself to be gaslighted into thinking I’m the crazy one over the whole thing.


A cute picture to offset the seriousness of this post
A cute picture to offset the seriousness of this post


A selection of zoological videos

I finally got around to making a youtube channel and putting some of my videos on it. First up, a selection of clips taken at various zoos and aquariums in Victoria and Tasmania (mostly Victoria, Tasmania does not have a state-funded zoo, and the private parks are a decidedly mixed bag).

Critters of New Zealand: Kererū

The Kererū, a large and somewhat ungainly pigeon native to New Zealand, settles in to an introduced plum tree to stare at the human

Another one, this time nibbling at fruit and twigs in a more natural setting, in between brick-like flights through the canopy

Critters of New Zealand: Weka

So we were in New Zealand last month, so I thought I would do a series on the wildlife we saw there, which is well-known for evolutionary oddities. So, wekas. The weka (Gallirallus australis) is a large flightless rail with four subspecies and a variety of buff, reddish, brown and black colour morphs. They are common in places but have a significantly contracted range and are classified as vulnerable. We saw western wekas throughout the West Coast of the South Island.

Being fearless, inquisitive birds, some had scoped out picnic grounds and carparks as viable territories, while others had claimed the walking tracks.

2013-11-10 14.19.57

Another weka, this time in captivity at the Willowbank Wildlife Sanctuary.

A buff Weka maybe? In a zoo, either way
A buff Weka maybe? In a zoo, either way

As a predator, conservation of wekas can be complicated as their prey includes other endangered species, such as the eggs of the Takahē, the endangered giant flightless coot.

A tale of a cat and a christmas tree

December = Christmas tree = Happy kitty = some stress for humans

We have a plastic tree, less mess in the rental house and less reactive if she eats it. She was getting highly ‘into it’ before the box was even open.

'This is relevant to my interests'
This is relevant to my interests…


Motion blur
Motion blur

Then she started the important business of chasing around decorations.


And resting under the tree looking innocent, until next time she feels energetic…