Problems with trying to be positive about everything

I’m seeing a lot of Positivity going around at the moment, much of which is benign ‘seeing the good in the world’ stuff, but with the occasional pathological form.

There is a segment of the internet that seems to push ‘looking on the bright side’ to the point of being unwilling to acknowledge that silver linings aren’t always as good as the original Plan A, or that sometimes we have to do things not because we want to but because we have to. Things like bad jobs that pay the rent come to mind, though that’s thankfully not something I have to deal with at the moment. It should be completely fine to dislike some parts of life, or to feel like the good things don’t outweigh the bad (especially true of the good relationship vs. bad/no job equation for women), but the cult of happy isn’t always ok with that.

This is also a problem with health issues, even life threatening ones – people dealing with cancer should not have to look at it as some form of blessing is disguise, for example, yet somehow there is pressure from some quarters to do so.


That’s my ramble on that for now…


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