Some rather ‘interesting’ things I’ve found out doing research

A range of harmless looking creatures such as hares, mice and chipmunks will feed on baby animals on a semi-regular basis. When on islands where other food is scarce, ordinary house mice may form packs to drag large bird chicks off their nests and eat them.

It is possible to be published when the manuscript is entirely about the breathing rate of animals during mating.

A brood parasite (cuckoos are the best known of these, but many other bird groups do it as well) exactly matches its’ eggs to the host not to fool the host, but to fool other members of its’ species. The host will accept any egg, while the parasite will attack any egg that doesn’t look like that of the host. Any other eggs that survive to hatch will then be killed by the parasite chick (Spottiswoode, Claire N. A brood parasite selects for its own egg traits Biol. Lett. October 23, 2013 9 5 20130573; doi:10.1098/rsbl.2013.0573 1744-957X)

Sitting on a branch looking innocent (NaBo11_d60_5310a (Photo credit: jerryoldenettel))

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