The loves and hates of a little kitty




Beds, especially those with clean clothing on them


Sitting on the kitchen table, even though she isn’t allowed.

Clothes on the indoor drying rack, although she can’t sit on it now like she could when she was a kitten.

Clothes rack perch

Anything that rolls when she bats at it, especially if it is also shiny. As a result, many objects in the house that fit this description spend most of their time under the couch or behind the TV.


Eating things she shouldn’t, such as clothing, houseplants and the Christmas tree (plastic).

The cord from my dressing gown.

Socks and gloves.



The vacuum cleaner. She hides whenever it is on, and for some time afterwards.

Baths. It is not advised to carry her into any room with a sink.

post bath

Being in a cone. Which tends to happen after she eats something she shouldn’t and gets an allergic reaction.


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