My quilting masterpiece is complete

This week I finished a very long-term project, a full-sized hand-stitched small-square quilt that I’ve been working on on-off since 2009.


(it’s displayed on a bed slightly bigger than what it was sized for, hence it doesn’t reach one edge).


This quit has been a real labour of love, containing a lot of ‘sentimental’ fabrics. It took forever, but now it’s done I almost want to start on another one.

Some more pictures…


4 thoughts on “My quilting masterpiece is complete

  1. I can tell this is something you’ll cherish and be proud of for a very long time. I’m sure many of those squares has its own individual story. Congrats and have fun making the next one!

  2. Wonderful! I think its so nice when people use their own materials, rather than going out and buying squares or scraps. Its’s beautiful!

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