Cradle Mountain Critters: The possums

We saw quite a few possums at Cradle, but didn’t get photos of any of them, mostly because it was dark.

The sort of place where possums live
The sort of place where possums live

Australian brushtail possums were found in numbers, as they are all over eastern Australia (though they are only found at high elevations in Tasmania (Green and Osborne 2012). They showed a reassuringly large amount of wild behaviour, although they were foraging around the Chateau because that’s what brushtail possums do.

While spotlighting, we also saw a group of three ringtail possums in the canopy, assumably near their drey (communal nest), though we couldn’t see it.

Also… mystery critter (again, no photo). About 10-15cm long, slightly bushy tail (not bald, but not fluffy like a brushy), canopy dweller, agile (so very much not a ringtail).

Suggestions have included Antechinus and bush rat, but the tail looked wrong for both of them. Any ideas, people who follow Australian mammals?


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