Exiting a bookshelf the feline way

So our dear kitty discovered she could climb up into the bookshelf and behind the books. This she did, but then had to deal with how to get out. The first time, we removed the books so she could jump down, subsequent times she took matters into her own ‘paws’.

Sitting inside the shelves.

2013-04-06 21.24.03Front paws over the edge of the books (different event, different camera, i.e. my droid).

2013-04-22 18.55.40… and books go flying.

This is annoying when she does it during the day, but much worse the time she did it at 1am, leading to insomnia-wracked me thinking that something major had fallen over because it was so loud in the otherwise silent house.

(She’s very cute though)


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