Citizens of the beach

When we went for an evening walk on the beach a few days ago, there were virtually no other humans there due to the chilly, windy and overcast weather.

Perhaps for this reason, there was a different assemblage of birds on the beach than the normal silver gulls (aka seagulls, the ones that lurk around Australian beaches begging for chips, but which are actually both endemic and on somewhat of a decline in some places, due to competition with the larger (self) introduced kelp gull).

I didn’t have a camera, but the birds present included a large flock of pied oystercatchers,

oystercatcher (Photo credit: qmnonic)

two subadult terns, a pair of masked lapwings (in their natural habitat, as opposed to on nature strips) and four kelp gulls. One of the kelp gulls was trying to eat a juvenile Northern Pacific seastar, an introduced

Big NPSS around!
Big NPSS around! (Photo credit: Saspotato)

noxious pest. If they take to those as a diet item, they might make themselves useful.


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